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Please check back here regularly to find out what's going on at our company, interesting articles for optimally maintaining you home or interesting content we have re-purposed from other NHWA member's, which we feel you could benefit from reading as well.


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We hope this more elaborate content will be helpful in helping you determine the ideal to maintain your home and property as an absentee owner.  As we mention in presentations, there are many ways to optimally maintain a home, but we hope some of these selected topics will be helpful to allow you to come to your own decisions on what is going to be RIGHT for you.

Does Damp Rid Work?

One of the more hotly debated topics and inclusions we see in clients home when they depart.  We hope the following shared article and discussion from a NHWA member company will highlight why these may not be worth the money, and a couple good alternatives.

Storing Your Vehicle During Florida’s Summer Months

No matter if a vintage or modern car you are leaving behind, there are a lot of steps you can take to ensure that the vehicle also rests optimally with your home over the HOT and unforgiving summers.

How should I set my A/C Unit

There is no one perfect or single way to set your Air Conditioner that will perfect for each and every application, but here is what FPL suggests and what we find will help your home optimally rest when you are away from it...

Welcome to House Check!


Our roots and birthplace were formed in the community of PGA Village in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Your excitement and patronage of our service has allowed us to flourish and become one of the LARGEST providers of Home Watch and related services.  We're also excited as we expand into the surrounding Treasure Coast communities of Tradition and St. Lucie West. Of course, we continue to proudly serve all of PGA Village, as it too continues to rapidly expand.


We know you may have a CHOICE when it comes to Home Watch providers, but come see what makes us unique and the best choice to inspect, manage and care for your home while you are away.


We are THE ONLY company based in St. Lucie County that is accredited by the National Home Watch Association (NHWA).  As such, it allows us to be THE ONLY company insured by an industry specific insuration policy. The NHWA also vetts its member yearly for truthful website content and performs an annual criminal background check so you know you are dealing with an honest, reputable company.


Did you know, that there is NO formal or designated license required for a "house checker" or a Home Watch service in Florida?  Do you know how well trained your provider is? Our Home Watch Inspectors are not only members of the NHWA but are also Certifed Home Watch Professionals - trained in the best practices in the home watch industry. 


Whether for vacations, investment, rental or long term care, we offer you the dedication and care to make it the best and most streamlined experience out there.


Welcome to the world of House Check. We look forward to serving you!

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