Deeply committed to our client’s satisfaction.

  • Our clients depend on us to care for their homes while they are away.  We don't take that responsibility lightly.  Building genuine and long lasting trust has been the cornerstone to our success since we opened our doors. Here's what a few of them have to say.

From Gene in PGA Village 


  • "We have engaged the services of House Check since 2006. Through out this entire time we have relied upon them to look after our home during our absence. Whether it was the normal in residence checks, yearly air conditioning service, installing hurricane shutters or arranging for tradesmen to perform needed repairs all was accomplished in a most professional and timely manor. More often than not, before and after pictures accompanied status reports. These pictures were not requested, but are just the normal routine for this professional enterprise. 
  • Recently, we purchase a new home and sold our old one. Whether we need an estimate for repair(s) prior to purchase or repairs requested by our buyer, a call to Tom at House Check resulted in timely responses to all requirements. Furthermore, in most instances Tom was able to provide realistic estimate(s) for the needed work (proved most helpful in developing a counter offer to our seller).
  • Additionally, once the purchase of our new home was complete, we turned to Tom (House Check) for recommendations for painter, electrician, HVAC and carpenters to perform the updates/modifications we desired. We experienced virtually no waiting time before these tradesmen went to work. All highly skilled and show up when they say they will…clearly indicative of the caliber of the folks House Check recommends.
  • The bottom line: we have found House Check to treat your home as if it was THEIRS and what THEY would expect to find in when THEY returned to THEIR home after being away (sometimes for months at a time). The peace of mind House Check provides is “priceless”.
  • They do not disappoint."

From Charlie in Willow Pines


  • "Bill asked if I would write a summary of what I went thru after purchasing my modest condo at the PGA in the summer of 2011. Without his continuous support the set up and security he provided was what made that process manageable.   
  • Furnishing the unit was first on the agenda….which I did from afar via Macy’s primarily. Decent name but not without normal problems. Delivery was the first problem. Countless missed dates due to internal problems and when the furnishings arrived Bill was there to inspect and photograph. Pieces came in damaged and had to be replaced….and I agreed with each of Bill’s recommendations….and then redelivered at a much later date. I can’t imagine how much time, frustration and travel expense he saved me on this alone. Did I mention the flat screen TV’s that he unpacked and fired up to make sure they weren’t damaged?   
  • With the furnishing/delivery phase completed, I asked Bill if he could further assist me with some adjustments to the condo as well as other maintenance type issues. Pest control….yes he had a dependable service that didn’t want to exploit me for needless external termite control. HVAC service and such..yes, another  dependable vendor. Would he arrange for the installation of ceiling fans throughout? Sure…”and this is what I recommend for fans and medallions and such and here is where I suggest you purchase them.” 
  • How about installing French doors on the den/office opening? Another yes and he was so helpful with that assignment as the opening was too tall for standard doors and he suggested transom lights over standard doors that halved the price of the project and it looks better than doors alone. This was all documented with movies/pictures he shot and sent to me over the internet. 
  • Great job on that one Bill! 
  • And since I don’t like shower curtains, Bill had a glass enclosure installed in the guest bath….another perfect job.   I have yet to find one thing that Bill hasn’t been able to help me with. And yes these things come at a price but his pricing is very reasonable, his contractors are pros and his estimates are spot on. 
  • I have every confidence in what he proposes and what the finished product will be. I’ve advised all of my friends in the area to take a look at his business for solutions to their problems.   Oh and by the way, he’ll dote over your property like it’s his own while you’re away and provide useful assistance if he sees potential problems."

From Tony in Greenbrier Estates


  • "When driving south 10/12/11 we received a call stating there was water pouring out the front and back of our home. 
  • PANIC TIME - placed a call to HouseCheck - they were on the scene almost immediately and jumped into action - knew all the right companies to call - they spent a great  amount of time supervising the mitigation, removal of carpeting and baseboards, plumbers, etc. 
  • When leaving to go north for the summer, we are secure in knowing House Check once again will be monitoring our home and confidently recommend them."

From Peter and Cathi in Verano 


"My wife and I are from Canada and purchased our home in Florida as a very early retirement investment. Neither of us will be able to spend more than a few weeks a year at the property for next while.If you look at your new home as a smartphone, then Bill and his team at House Check are a must have app!


This company had been strongly recommended from other home owners in the area and it didn't take us long to find out why!  Dealing with so many things from a distance just wasn't possible, from meeting the telephone and cable people, to installing the security system , to meeting with furniture deliveries , the list of services House Check was able to provide was seemingly endless. And no matter how much or how often we imposed on him, Bill would always answer in his helpful, pleasant confident manner.


My wife essentially outfitted our entire home over the internet so there were many, many parcels that had to be delivered. Bill would receive them at his home and then we would find them already in our garage on our next trip.


Many times already we have left our property only to realize when we got back home that we had forgotten one important detail such as setting the thermometer or taking in lawn furniture. Bill was always there to correct our mistakes!


He also gives us peace of mind when there are long stretches when the house sits vacant, that we know that House Check will be by to check on things and make sure there's been no leaks or other weather damage. When there's a hurricane blowing thru the area you can feel reassured that Bill and his team will make sure that your property is monitored securely.


It’s also great to know that upon our return to sunny florida , Bill will have the pool heater on, the patio furniture out and the house temp cooled down so that our limited time there is as stress and worry free as possible.


For anyone considering a home purchase in Florida that won't be your full time residence, I would strongly advice you to check our House check. They are a must have app!"

  • Dr. Peter Hollett - Verano Resident 
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